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Another Montana View

One of the most controversial  issues in the state today, is the role played by EPA and Green Activists. A pattern has clearly emerged of undermining, Montana’s resource-based, traditional economy , strangled by; Regulation, Lawsuits,  Manipulation of Public Commentary Sessions, and countless other sleazy machinations. The Agenda of both Activists, and Bureaucrats, assigned to create, interpret and enforce regulation, seems designed to shut down all resource development in the state. These activities have led to long-term unemployment of Montanans. The shortage of relatively, high wage  jobs, formerly provided by a now-dead sector of the economy has caused a ripple-effect, vaporizing  jobs in almost every sector of the state’s economy.

In past decade, this was offset by increasing numbers of people moving to Montana and starting businesses of their own. The Construction Industry,  flourished until 2009, reflecting the nation’s housing bubble burst. Since the economic downturn, construction companies and jobs, have all but evaporated. The most undesirable positions, in terms of wages or job satisfaction are quickly filled. Often, applicants are responsible for the support of a family, on meager income earned at local franchise fast-food joints! Those who have managed to keep the doors of their businesses open, are experiencing drastic impact from the poor economic picture. As people hold on to whatever money they have, business owners, whose products or services are dependent on consumer optimism, have suffered losses of as much as 90% of their annual net income! My understanding, of the definition of rich, as iterated by the President, is that these taxpayers Have dropped like bombs, from the Despised Rich , to the Newly Poor, class of America.

In my opinion, anyone, without independent means of support, should re-consider plans to move to Montana. Unless employed by Public Taxpayer Funded Bureaucracies, educational institutions, or those fine law offices, who play both sides of the fence! The balance of citizenry, inherit  leavings of a manipulated, devolving economy, compliments of the NEW Economic Reality, gifted to us by tax-raising, truth-evading, politicians!


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