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Bear Behavior Update-What If-You Are In The Arms of a Bear?

May be last photo you ever take.

Worst Sight In Bear Country.

In my earlier article, I attempted to give information to stay out of trouble with bears. However, I have not discussed your survival, after being confronted and attacked by a bear. There are means of surviving a bear mauling-they are mostly dependent upon your Prayers and memory of steps to protect your vital areas. According to experts, the claws of the bear can cause fatal wounds-the jaws of the bear, will cause more damage more quickly and are the necessary focus of your strategy to survive. Never attempt to ENTER Bear country without each member of your party having the best Pepper Spray device for Bears specifically. Every member of your group has the same chance of being dragged off and killed by a bear. Your ability to come to the aid of an attack victim is the only chance of their survival. Attacks are so sudden and overwhelming-your ability to react in time to prevent injury, is very limited.

You may only walk two steps from the protection of your vehicle,before you are in unimaginable peril! Stepping off the trail for purpose of nature’s call may deliver you into the jaws of death, unless you are extremely careful! The two most important priorities you must choose are those of being as smell free as possible. Perfumes, cologne, yummy food smells, women’s menstrual scents, are irresistible to the keen smell of bears. Elimination of these and other unnatural scents, are critical to avoidance of bear encounters. Bear cubs are curious and capricious. They are also very quick to wail for their Mamas. The squall of a cub near your person is the most important sound to avoid, in bear country. Make so dang much NOISE that the female with young will hear and call her cubs away from you. Hopefully, as I show in my earlier article, you are not between the mother and cubs! In addition to the threat of bears with small cubs, the article also reveals behavior of some young adult cubs stalking humans with their mothers.

Climbing a tree is not your best protection. a) your ability to get up a tree is incomparable to the speed of a climbing bear. b) any tree that cannot be uprooted by the bear, must be strong enough for you-branches that barely hold your weight is critical. Then, the bear may stay at the foot of the tree until you fall asleep and become supper or breakfast. Once more, Bear Spray is your most valuable weapon of defense. I must repeat the caution-it is pointless to attempt outrunning a bear. Jam a stick in its mouth asap! Spray the bear directly in the face and eyes with the spray. You may find spraying first is better in your situation-however, do not let that bear get your body parts into its mouth! That is truly the ‘maw‘ of death! Previously I wrote about the odds of escaping a bear by running. Don’t do this. When hiking with someone you would rather never see again, shoot them in the kneecap-before you run away! Just saying…..Montana Divorces are efficient. Once again a fit of gallows humor-not funny considering how many people murder their family and friends these days!

Checking in at the local ranger station or park headquarters is well worth the effort. They can tell you if bears have been seen in areas used by hikers. Whether they report sightings of bears, or not, you must go ahead as if they are swarming all over the place! They range in large areas and can move about very quickly. In addition to being ready to  survive a bear mauling, you must think of your options, if this should happen. Lives have been saved many times, by utilizing compresses on bleeding wounds-pads designed for menstrual cycles are an ideal space-saving compress. Speedy action to avoid loss of blood and shock, are of utmost importance. Ability to respond as an effective team to save the victim’s life and minimize damage is critical. Anyone not able to comprehend and learn the skills necessary for administration of first aid procedures-should not be considering the idea of hiking, biking, camping, or any activity in the ranges of bears.


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